Information in english

We want to understand the news, hospitals, laws, mobiles ... Everything!

If you can’t understand the world, you can’t participate in good conditions in the society.

That’s why everyone has the right to understand the world.

That's why we organized the Spanish Conference on Cognitive Accessibility.

It will be a meeting where we will hear talks and practices

from other countries and from of all Spain

They will be practice about how to make the world easier to understand.

The Spanish Conference on Cognitive Accessibility

will be on 19th and 20th October 2017 in Cáceres.

Plena inclusión organizes the Spanish Conference on Cognitive Accessibility.

Plena inclusión is a national confederation with 17 federations

each one related to each of the 17 Spanish regions

and 900 associations.

We organize the conference with one of them: Plena inclusión Extremadura.

For this reason, the conference is going to be held in this region.